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We have hundreds of OEM 12" to 16" trim rings in stock. Since there are so many different kinds of trim rings that are so similar, it's not possible to picture or list each and every kind. So in order for me to determine which style trim ring will best suit your needs, please submit a REQUEST FORM filling in as much information as possible.

If you're trying to match trim rings you currently have, please note the following:

Oftentimes trim rings are switched and changed over the years not only by the owner, but also by the manufacturer. And sometimes manufacturers even use different style trim rings on the same wheel. So if you trying to get an exact match to a ring you may already have, please email me a close-up picture of the front and back of one of the trim rings otherwise I cannot guarantee an exact match. The picture need not be of the whole ring, but a good cross-section from the front which shows the valve notch/hole and upper edge. The back should show what the retaining clips look like. Also you may want to check the depth by placing the ring face up on a flat surface and measuring up from the side. Pictures can be emailed to:













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